Our team has the resources to help you with packaging design, branding, innovation, commercialization and supply chain optimization. We create, negotiate and execute on your behalf so you can focus on your business. Let Seismic Solutions help you Move the Needle with your new team of experts and achieve Seismic Outcomes™.

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Making waves in today's brand landscape is a daunting task. At Seismic Solutions, we like to shake things up. Finding new, innovating answers to our clients' greatest obstacles is what we do. We deliver unexpected, innovative solutions for product design packing, supply chain efficiencies and more. Think of us as business superconductors, leveraging our diverse industry experience and extensive partner network to solve your biggest challenges. Whether you are commercializing a new product or innovating an existing one, we give you the resources to achieve Seismic Results™.

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Seismic Solutions is the North America Sales Representative of PulPac


PulPac is a new dry production method that molds cellulose in a way that has never been done before.

The technology enables the forming of strong and stable products completely in paper and in almost any shape or appearance - at manufacturing speeds comparable to traditional resin forming methods.

Using the PulPac technology it possible to produce competitive and sustainable single-use products with mechanical properties similar to thermoformed plastics but made of cellulose, a globally available, renewable, recyclable, compostable and biodegradable material that cost less than plastics.

The PulPac technology is patented and offered on a licensing basis by PulPac AB, a Swedish based R&D and IP company.

For more information please contact Randy Briesath or Kent Dahlgren:

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There is an inherent challenge in producing functional beverages in that the ingredients lose their potency when they are added to a liquid. Imagine being able to introduce active ingredients to a liquid immediately prior to consumption.

Introducing the VizCap! The cap that has an ingredient carrier and built in delivery system.

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Full Time Employment: Currently there are no openings but check back soon!

Internships: Internships are an important part of our corporation’s success and are an introduction to the business world for qualified college students. We believe in experiential learning which means you will receive training the moment you begin contributing to our mission.

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"Throughout my internship I was able to apply what I learned in the classroom to the real world while being able to gain experience in the business world. Whether it was through contact with vendors, data analysis, or work on various projects, I left with a greater understanding that has proved valuable."
- JM 2018
"The entire Seismic team made me feel super comfortable & helped me learn so much about many different types of industries. In all of the projects I worked on, I was able to see how my contribution helped the business and my work was appreciated by the team."
- JS 2019

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